Rabu, 16 April 2014

Respect the victim MH370, China canceled parade of ships

Chinese Navy canceled the parade of international warships in 2014 , in Qingdao , Shandong Province , China , as a form of respect to the families of passengers on Malaysia Airlines MH370 is still grieving .

Chinese Navy spokesman Liang Yang at the Chinese Defense Ministry website said Wednesday that up to now the plane carrying 239 passengers was still in the search process .

" All the search is still ongoing and it is also a lot of the same families of passengers who are still grieving . Due to the above considerations , the activities of international warships parade of our actions , " he said .
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However , continued Liang Yang , for multilateral maritime exercise activities and the Western Pacific Naval Symposium ( WPNS ) will still take place as scheduled .

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 missing since 8 March, carrying 239 passengers , 154 of them are citizens of China , there are also seven Indonesian citizen and 14 other nationality .

Parade of international warships originally scheduled to be held in conjunction with multilateral maritime exercises and WPNS 20-25 April in Qingdao .

KRI Banjarmasin Indonesia included in the parade of international warships , as well as engage in multilateral maritime exercises and WPNS 2014.

Forum WPNS 24 countries consists of 20 permanent members and four observers .

The twenty countries that include Indonesia , Australia , Brunei , China , Malaysia , New Zealand , Papua New Guinea , the Philippines , Singapore , South Korea , Thailand , the United States , Japan , Vietnam , Cambodia , Russia , Tonga , France , Canada , and Chile .

While the four observer countries are India , Bangladesh , Peru , and Mexico .


Minggu, 13 April 2014

BOS Not Until, SMA Negeri 1 Forced Owe sake UN Holds

To organize the National Examination 2014 Principal of SMAN 1 Nusa , Manu Husin , claimed that the school is located in South Nunukan in Nunukan , North Borneo , it had owed to a third party . Husin said , the school had owed for school operational funds ( BOS ) is not too liquid .

" The whole high school in Nunukan Fund BOSDA its not liquid . Incidentally they also phoned me to ask me . Yesterday , word Hasmuni pack ( Secretary Department of Education Nunukan ) , has been going out at the time of my meeting with the regents , but when checked at the bank by SMA 2 no . For Nusa SMA was approximately 400 million dollars to fund the district and provincial BOSDA . At the end of school exams we also have not been able to get the national exam , " he said after checking the implementation of the national exam in Nusa SMAN 1 , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

Manu Husin claimed had owed to one of SMAN 1 Nusa school staff to hold a national exam that followed 170 students of SMAN 1 Nusa .

" We ( try to ) how to get ( the funds ) was right . Incidentally there are staff who can . To hold a school final exams to the national final exam was about 30 to 40 million dollars . Since the start of the school final exams until the national final exam we expect BOS but not out , "said Husin .

Meanwhile, the regent Basri denied that there are schools that borrowed money to hold a national final exam .

"No no , it's really, past debts . Pak Husin Manu 's just fussy . Administration is already running . Current anyway, " said Basri regent after carrying out inspection of implementation readiness national exam in SMA N 1 Nusa .

Meanwhile , District Secretary Tommy Aaron said Nunukan yet BOSDA downs due to the transfer of budget from the province of East Kalimantan Province to North Borneo .
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" Actually BOSDA fund frankly we are already ready to melt yesterday . But there is a letter from the Governor of East Kalimantan , which we have in the province of East Kalimantan , it turns out some of the activities funded by the East Kalimantan Province , our co-operation was canceled . We still have a chance I report to the Governor PLT Kaltara yesterday , he said later discussed in Kaltara province if we can also report to the Governor of East Kalimantan hopefully there is a solution . If nothing else I think we will be revised is our budget . Because it is big enough , "said Tomy .


Kamis, 10 April 2014

Remove Toxic Gas, Battery Galaxy S5 Threatens Human Life

SEOUL - A video shows the Samsung Galaxy S5 battery will swell and rupture when exposed to very harsh blow . Not only that , the battery also releases a chemical gas that is very harmful to humans .

A video duration 4 minutes 6 seconds uploaded by a YouTube account named TechRack is shown to the incident . The person who uploaded the video wanted to test how strong resistance Samsung Galaxy S5 when hit by very loud .
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If another endurance test was performed as a test scratches , dings test , water resistance test , or the test bullets , then he did it with a big hammer blow testing against . Samsung Galaxy S5 ditelengkupkan , and hit the back with a large hammer .

The result was beyond expectations . Mobile phone battery ballooned , blown rear shell , which is then topped off with a broken cell phone battery and then issue a toxic chemical gases .

Lucky the phone battery does not explode . From the video it appears that the user should keep the Samsung Galaxy S5 of pressure is very large and hard objects . Click the following link to see the full video .


Gerindra: Extraordinary, Love of the People to Prabowo

DPP Chairman of Great Indonesia Movement Party ( Gerindra ) Suhardi said , the power structure of the party and Chairman of the Board of Trustees figure Gerindra , Prabowo be a factor that boosted the vote his party in the 2014 election . He claimed there was " Prabowo Effect " to Gerindra .

" I believe it exists because people love to Prabowo is extraordinary , " said Suhardi , while the discussion in Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .

Quick count results showed a number of agencies , the vote in the 2014 election Gerindra be in the range of 11-14 percent . Suhardi said his party gratified by the vote a significant improvement compared to the 2009 elections . On the 2009 elections , Gerindra get 4.46 percent of the vote .

Improved sound Gerindra , Suhardi said , because of the massive improvements party structures in these areas . Gerindra , he continued , provide training for young people up to 21 generations.

" So we 've got the team to the younger generation at the district level , " he said .

Additionally Suhandri admitted , other factors also contribute to an attack is " stealth " committed his party . The attack is intended to provide a variety of things that touch people's needs , such as ambulances .

" What we have done is they have to look Gerindra provide for the people . We think the best way is to serve the people , " said Suhardi .
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With the results depicted in the quick count , Gerindra will explore a coalition with other parties to carry Prabowo as vice president candidates .


Rabu, 09 April 2014

Cristian Gonzalez to Vote in Malang

Arema Indonesia Striker Cristian Gonzales , graced the party of democracy in Indonesia . This is the first time that Latin American men distribute political rights in Indonesia after the naturalization process in 2010 ago .

Although claimed to be confused by the many choices , but Cristian Gonzalez decided to vote for change and get the best leaders for the nation and the future of their children . " Glad though do not know , confused because different ( with Uruguay ) , piercing the best for Indonesia forward , " he said, Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) .

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Gonzales could only distribute it after voting at 12.00 pm because only armed with ID cards and form A - 5 . Gonzales himself is actually registered as a voter in the city of Bandung . According to Gonzales , the electoral system in Indonesia is different from the elections held in the country of origin , Uruguay , which has only one party .

Gonzales chose unaccompanied wife , Eva and her two children because they were located in Jakarta .